Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trailer Love

I bought a new printer from Fry’s online about two weeks ago; it turned out to be kind of a piece of shit, so I wanted to exchange it for something more like the one we had that we liked until it gave up the ghost after around two years, so I decided to ride my bike down to Renton—13 miles away—and hit up the electronics superstore in person.

Enter the Haulin Colin’ trailer to make that not only possible, but pretty enjoyable, too. Instead of fighting traffic on the 405 Freeway, I enjoyed a fairly leisurely ride along Lake Washington with the old printer safely ensconced on the trailer bed on the way down and the new one strapped securely on the way back. The only headaches, really, were trying to find all the manuals, cables, and software disks that went in the old box and then having to beg and plead a bit with the manager at Fry’s to let me do an exchange in person even though I had purchased the unit on the internet.

Oh, and there was that lady who drove past me on the way home and rolled down her window to tell me that I should “use more caution” when I rode my bike, I think because I didn’t run into the back of a parked car, but rather, swerved around it and maybe a foot or two into her lane as she approached to pass me. Other than that, though, it was trailer love the whole way there and back and only made me more confident that Haulin’ Colin trailers will save the world, or at least a small part of it when I get the first run of 20 back from the powdercoater in about a month and start selling them like hotcakes all over town.

The trailer makes me happy every time I use it; soon others will be able to share the love, too.

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